The undersigned hereby agrees, in connection with the participation of his/her child ________________ in the Millennium Dance Company, that such participation is at said child’s own risk and the Millennium Dance Company shall not be liable for any injury suffered by said child while participating in the MDC dance classes, and hereby expressly waives the right to seek damages against Millennium Dance Company for any injury suffered by said child while said child is participating in such classes.


The student understands and expressly assumes all risk involved in connection with dance instruction, rehearsal and training at Millennium Dance Company, including but not limited to risk bodily occurring as a result of contact with other students instructors, walls, mirrors, equipment floors, structural poles and other objects located in or near the dance studios, or the student’s physical condition or physical limitations. Student waives all claims arising out of dance instruction, rehearsal, training and performances at Millennium Dance Company, whether caused by the negligence breach of contract or otherwise and whether bodily injury, property, damage, or loss or otherwise, which student may ever have against Millennium Dance Company, its successors and assigns and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents, and their heirs, executors, and administrators.

The undersigned represents that said child is in good physical health and suffers from no condition that would prevent or impair her/his ability to safely participate in the physical requirement of the class.

Millennium Dance Company makes every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of its students. MDC is not responsible if your child decides to leave the premises during class time.