Millennium Dance Company has been a force in local communities for more than two decades. Below is a look back at various events and performances across the years— click icons for video footage


2018 - Atonement

Highlights from the 2018 recital showcase, “Atonement” (link coming soon)

2015 - African Class

A brief highlight of students taking African dance class following the move from Harlem to the Bronx

2014 - Salvation

The 2014 recital showcase, titled “Salvation”

2013 - Abyssinian Baptist Church

Group performance at the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church located in Harlem for a 2013 Homecoming celebration service

2012 - Harlem Stage

A Hip Hop performance by the Junior Hip Hop class at Harlem Stage in August 2012

2012 - Millennium Dance Company Gala

A look back to a performance by the Adult professional company at MDC’s first gala

2011 - World News Tonight Feature

A segment on World News Tonight, about the Father Daughter gala in 2011


So much time, so many memories. Below is a slideshow of many moments of Millennium Dance Company